HealthWise Medical Clinic

100% Exclusive

No more crowded waiting rooms and volume driven healthcare. HealthWise is a private, 100% exclusive medical clinic and is not open to the general public. With fewer patients we can offer each one a higher level care. Our focus is on providing district members and their dependents with quality care.

Same Day Appointments

Same day appointments are just that; they are scheduled that day. We have a daily schedule for these visits and they are pre booked by calling into the clinic the day of. With one provider serving this need we have a limited number of those visits each day so if you need to be seen call early as appointments fill up fast.

In House Pharmacy

We have an inventory of the most common medications prescribed by healthcare providers. Though it is difficult to carry every type of medication and every brand we have had great success with the in-house pharmacy. We can also send your prescription to any pharmacy you choose.

In House Labs

Who wants to schedule a test two weeks out with their doctor? No one, that's who. With HealthWise Medical, you can get the lab test you need, today. We perform tests for flu, strep, respiratory viruses, and pregnancy. We also offer hemoglobin tests, comprehensive metabolic panels, prothrombin time tests, and urinalysis.